Capital Raise Consulting

Your confidence builds investor confidence.

Pitching a deal is much easier when you have a clear, consistent, and concise message across all of your collateral. It is easier on you because it is easier on potential investors. We translate your idea into your investors' interests. Your benefit to them needs to be unequivocally clear.

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A La Carte Services

Investor Profile

We assess your value proposition and develop a profile of ideal investors likely to find interest in your deal.


Pitch your deal in one sentence. This is ESSENTIAL! When crafted right, investor doors open.

Elevator Pitch

This is your 30 second pitch. Tell your story and why you will make investors money.


This is your entire pitch on one page. It includes the company's basic information, problem/solution, projections and terms.

Pitch Deck

This is the full pitch, professionally created, and tailored to your style. We even help you speak to your slides with scripted talking points.

Pitch Coaching

We help you deliver your pitch with confidence. Our proprietary Audiencentric model is designed to help you focus on who's listening rather than what to say.

Pitch Guide

This is YOUR guide. All of the essentials for your pitch are here. This includes messaging, research, and your brand profile.

Executive Summary

This is a simplified business plan requested by some funders. It incorporates your plans into a thorough, yet succinct explanation of your value.

Other Services


Investors expect you to have a web presence. We will convert your pitch deck into a multi-page website with lead opt-in.

Video Production

Videos are one of the best tools for concise, compelling explanations. We will help produce many styles including talking heads, animation, or voiceovers.

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