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We develop your message, incorporate powerful visuals, and coach you to deliver a concise, compelling, & consistent pitch.

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The Total Pitch Package has raised millions of investor dollars!

Our clients have received millions of dollars in commitments using this system!

We built concise, compelling, and consistent investor messaging and visuals to clearly communicate the value of their offerings...and investors saw their value!

If you are talking about your deal, you are pitching. Our tools, messaging, and coaching will prepare you for any "pitch" scenario.


We take time to understand your offering. Then we give it language to speak to your target investors.


We create collateral for you that uses powerful visuals and messaging. Each tool is designed for use at each phase in the pitch cycle.


We help you deliver your pitch with confidence. Our proprietary method positions you and your team for success.


Consistent Pitch


Delivery Types


Pitch Tools

The Total Pitch Package

We prepare you to "wow" investors from the first time you meet them to their commitment to the deal. Each of the following deliverables is a key tool to help you deliver a concise, compelling, and consistent pitch to investors.

Investor Profile

We review your deal and develop a profile of ideal investors likely to be interested in your deal.

One Liner

Pitch your deal in one sentence. This is ESSENTIAL! When crafted right, investor doors open.

Elevator Pitch

This is your 30 second pitch...without props. Tell your story and why you will make investors money.

Executive Summary

This is your entire pitch on one page. It includes the company's basic information, problem/solution, projections, and terms.

Pitch Deck

This is the full pitch, professionally polished and tailored to your style. We even help you speak to your slides with scripted talking points.

Pitch Coaching

We help you deliver your pitch with confidence. Our proprietary Audiencentric model is designed to help you focus on who's listening rather than what to say.

Pitch Guide

This is YOUR guide. It includes all of the essentials for your pitch including messaging, research, and your brand profile.

You get ALL of this in the Total Pitch Package.

*includes unlimited edits

Easy Process

We created our DAVID Process to ensure that you know what work is being done and what to expect moving forward. Timeframes may vary, but the process remains the same.











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Schedule an introductory consultation. Every client has different needs. We will discuss your deal and HoneyHive Capital can help.

Whether we work with you or not, we deliver value on the first call.

On the introductory call, we will review your deal, assess your ideal investor, outline your investor strategy, and determine a plan of action moving forward.

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The Total Pitch Package

Everything you will need to present your deal to investors. Concise, compelling, and consistent messaging to prepare you to pitch with confidence!

  • Investor Profile
  • Tagline
  • One-Liner
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Executive Summary
  • Pitch Deck
  • 1:1 Pitch Coaching
  • Pitch Guide



*33% off Limited Time Offer


Matt Johns

Matt's journey in the capital raising world started while exploring investment opportunities. Speaking with investment managers, he found that there was one consistent challenge: connection with the right investors. 

This is why he started HoneyHive Capital Partners.

Through his career, Matt has raised and deployed tens of millions of dollars and helped thousands of people improve their lives. 

Matt is currently a general partner and CIO for an agriculture private equity fund and on the advisory board for an emerging hedge fund.  He also engages his community on multiple nonprofit boards and advisory boards while serving on various committees with the local chambers of commerce. 

Matt earned his BA from Baylor University, an MBA from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and holds a FINRA Series 7 & 65 licenses. 

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During our free 30-minunte introductory consultation, we discuss your deal, assess your ideal investor, outline your investor strategy, and create a game plan to move forward.