Connecting capital with purpose.

We help faith-centered investors, philanthropists, and institutions connect their capital with purpose to build their legacies.

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Align your investing & giving with your faith values.

We believe that each of us is created for a purpose. We strive to help people achieve their eternal legacy by providing a faith-centered approach. We do this in three ways.

Invest in Private Markets

We help sophisticated investors confidently invest in private market offerings aligned with their faith values.

Connect with like-minded investors and get access to reliable information, quality deals, and trusted experts.

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Make Philanthropic Impact

We help faith-centered philanthropists respond to God's call to achieve their philanthropic legacy.

Find the right strategic approach, set up a custom framework, and access platforms to fulfill your eternal legacy.

Raise Capital

We help private market investment managers and entrepreneurs raise capital with faith-centered investors.

Connect with professional capital raisers who can help you hone your marketing and access investors.

Faith-Centered Values

It can be challenging for investors and philanthropists to find deals aligned with their faith. We strive to simplify your decision.

We screen each investment and philanthropic opportunity through an objective "Lens". This Lens provides negative and positive assessments to help your discernment.

The Social Responsibility Matrix

Negative screen to assess whether deals may be morally problematic and detrimental to the Common Good.

Impact Investment Scale

Positive screen to magnify opportunities with intent to enhance the Common Good.

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