We help nonprofits amplify

their mission.

We work with nonprofits to develop organizational and fundraising strategies to maximize their resources and grow their role in the community.



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Nonprofits have a strategic plan

Having a written strategy DOUBLES your likelihood of success.

Your organization provides invaluable services to the community. People depend on you and your programs. Because of this, there is always pressure to do your work better...to do more.

Fulfilling your nonprofit's mission is a challenge. Growing the organization to accomplish your vision can feel insurmountable.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish your goals is to have a clear, written strategic plan.

Whether you are guiding your entire organization into a new vision or seeking to raise more money, we can help. We work collaboratively with you and your team to provide innovative perspective, clarity of thought, and implementation support to bring your vision to life.

We help you lead your organization to do more than simply fulfill your mission. We help you amplify your mission.

We offer decades of diverse experience in the nonprofit industry to empower you to implement your big vision.

The nonprofit industry is becoming measurably more competitive each year. It is imperative that you position your organization for future growth. Now is the time to commit to your plan for success.

Define Your "Why"

Clearly state your mission, vision, & values

Paint Your Vision

Paint your vision. Show the path.

Align Your Team

Board, Staff, & Volunteers. One Mission. One Team.

Engage the Community

Be present. Contribute. Collaborate.

Enhance Your Profile

Establish your leadership

Become Their Legacy

Engate and grow your donor base.

Our Process

Our DAVID Model ensures that we are able to help you achieve the outcome you are seeking. Our process combines a collaborative effort with our creative approach.


We work with you to understand your current strategy, desired outcomes, and a plan.


We perform a thorough review of your current status using bespoke tools including surveys, interviews, document review.


We perform external research and work with your team to create your strategy and other deliverables.


We provide the documentation, training, and other follow-through to ensure that you and your team are equipped to succeed.


To conclude, we ensure that everything has been satisfactorily completed and that you have what you need to move forward successfully.

The process is for your benefit.

We want you to always know what to expect and where we are going. The entire process will be outlined in the scope of work.

How do I get started?

Schedule a brief introductory consultation. We will determine if our services will help you meet your goals.

We deliver value on the first call.

On the introductory call, we discuss your goals and offer insight on how to move forward.

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Matt Johns

Matt is the founder and CEO of HoneyHive Capital Partners. He built this platform from his desire to provide curated education and access to private investments, philanthropy consulting, and offer capital raising consulting.

Through his career, Matt has raised and deployed tens of millions of dollars and helped thousands of people improve their lives.  Much of this was accomplished serving over 20 years in nonprofits. Among his many roles in the industry, he facilitated community and government relations, was a regional leader in disaster recovery including Hurricane Harvey, and raised funds.

Matt is currently a general partner and CIO for an agriculture private equity fund and an advisor for multiple funds.  He also engages his community on various nonprofit boards and advisory boards while serving on various committees with the local chambers of commerce. 

Matt earned his BA from Baylor University, an MBA from Louisiana State University-Shreveport and holds a FINRA Series 7, 63, & 65 licenses. 

Have a quick question?

Matt Johns